Geography - Travel Across the US

By Alonzo |
  1. find an atlas (or a website with maps) with a larger map of the United States (or whichever continent or country you want to "visit") and smaller individual maps of the states (or regions) that make up the larger area
  2. map out a trip across the larger area (for example, the U.S.) making a list of the states or areas you'll "travel through"
  3. for a daily plan, make notes...for each state... beginning with your starting point...
    1. of the roads (or other landmarks) that you would use to take your trip
    2. of the bodies of water in the state/area or bordering it
    3. of the adjacent states and their relationships to the state/area you're traveling though
  4. remember to have fun observing anything that you see


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She's loyal and alert and friendly.  She's a good Australian Cattle Dog (ACD).  Her name is "Dinga".

Quick List 1

By Alonzo |

"Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic" is the motto of bygone days.

Here's a short list of topics - with a few sub-topics - that used to be more common in incubators of learning. 

  • Communications (verbal/non-verbal, mass/personal, imply vs. infer)
  • Economics (Types, Uses [freedom/tyranny], foundations, Supply & Demand)   
  • Personal Finance (Planning,  Budgeting, Investing, Saving) 
  • Philosophy (World view, Notable "original" thinkers)
  • Civilizations (First, Current, Socialization, Purpose)

Adding the enjoyment of learning and studying these subjects is without a doubt valuable and recommended.

There are resources/curricula available - online, and in the public library, and in the libraries of homeschoolers nearby - which can provide a quick start for learning. Focus on enjoying learning how valuable...and relevant...these topics are to each of us.