The Global Economy and Inflation

By Alonzo |

Currently - in January 2024 A.D. - it seems that most would say:
1) in the U. S. prices are rising [ which isn't technically the definition of economic "inflation", but rather the result of it ], indicating that...
2) U.S economy may be facing a near-term financial crash
3) that the Chinese economy is relatively strong
4) there is a threat to the nation of Ukraine from his western neighbor Russia
5) there is a immigration crisis on the southern border of the United States

An Observation about the Current Political Environment

By Alonzo |

Just sharing an observation...It seems the current dynamic in national U.S. politics is wrapped up in one thing:  the protection of the status quo.

Joseph Biden is obviously incompetent, but the Democratic party (whatever that means) is somewhat paralyzed because however they act to cancel him as a candidate in November will become a precedent that can be mutually used in the future as a tool to cancel everyone.


By Alonzo |

The voters of Ohio voted yesterday to modify the state's constitution to make it an Ohio citizen's right to have an abortion.
If any action were ever "racist" it's abortion...which exercises the human will to take the life of someone in the human race.  If slavery is wrong, what is abortion?  Are you a human?  When did you become a human?  Would you have - if you could have - said "Hey, don't kill me!"?  Are these really deniable questions?
No....this is madness;  fruit of denying what is Real and True and Faithful.