(Don't) Forget the Debt

By Alonzo | Thu, 02/16/2023

Get out of debt or at make it your goal to always be reducing your debt - at least on the long-term curve.

The U. S. Money Supply has ballooned since the first quarter of 2020, with the onset of "the pandemic". (See chart).  Raise your hand if you think the money helped.

An "expert" with a vlog on the internet that I respect just said this...
"As long as the illusion of stability in the debt market continues, the markets will go up."

Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

By Alonzo | Fri, 02/10/2023

Wikipedia included the article about Peder Severin Kroyer's painting on the site's homepage a while back. 
Finished in 1888, the painting "says" much about joy and fellowship and life, and the artist. 
I particularly like the singular focus of the group on their enjoyment of the moment...or is it the bubbly stuff...or their time together.  I think it's all of the above.

Local Ministries - Sussex County, DE USA

By Alonzo | Wed, 02/01/2023

Here are some local ministries which we believe are worth supporting.

Gideons International 
- The Gideons distribute Bibles around the world. There is a local representation of Gideons based in Seaford, Delaware.
Sussex Pregnancy Care Center 
- Provides pregnancy support care for women and their families 
Zöe Ministries  

Don't BEF or GMO

By Alonzo | Mon, 01/30/2023

We recommend you don't partake of any processed food that contains any genetically modified organism (GMO) or bio-engineered (BE [...we say BEF for "bio-engineered food"]) food ingredient.        
Food labels as of January 2022 are required to inform consumers that BE's are present.  It's been disappointing to see how prevalent these labels are.        


By Alonzo | Wed, 01/25/2023

AeroPress The Aeropress coffee press is an amazing little tool.  It only brews small amounts of coffee - which may seem like> a disadvantage at first - but this gives you precise control of brewing your coffee.     

Michelin Tires

By Alonzo | Fri, 01/20/2023

They are more expensive than other tires, but they're better in every aspect important in a tire.  
They last longer, ride better, handle leaks/punctures better, and that makes them an excellent investment.  
If you see Michelins on a used car, you can be sure of two things:

  1. the car is worth more than if it had less expensive, lower quality tires, and
  2. the person who owned the car cared about their cars and their tires