By Alonzo |

This video excerpt is from an appearance of Dr. Robert Woodson, Sr. on Dr. Phil's program.

"“We must look come together and look beyond race and realize in a spiritual and moral freefall. None of us should be defined by the worst of what we were in the past, but we should be defined by what we want to become in the future...and that people are motivated to change when you give them a vision of victories that are possible, not constantly reminding them of injuries that are to be avoided.” -  Dr. Robert Woodson

I spent the summer before my freshman year in college with a group of students at the University of Delaware.  One of the students was a Rob Woodson, who I believe was Dr. Woodson's son.  Robert Woodson, Jr. died tragically in an auto accident in 2003.  I wish I could have talked with him more/known him better.  I always think I'd like to meet the father of men I admire or the mother of women I admire.  Dr. Woodson is a man to be admired because when you hear him speak, you can tell that he is no man's enemy, but a friend.

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