By Alonzo |

Are battery powered vehicles (a.k.a "electric vehicles" or "EVs") a solution to a problem?
The unelected bureaucracies in several states have begun the regulatory process of requiring residents to drive only battery powered vehicles within the next decade.  But EVs simply don't presently make sense.  It's obvious that the goal is something other than helping the environment.
Carmaker Toyota Says Electric Vehicles are Doomed (Yahoo Finance)  
PJM Warns of Likely Blackouts (Washington Examiner)

And that the automobile mandates are concurrent with agencies in most of the same states connecting their rules and regulations to the regulatory code of California is interesting also. 
"Incorporating Another State's Regulations is Unconsitutional" (American Thinker)  
Please don't misunderstand.  We're all for the freedom to choose which car you drive.  Hybrids seem to make some sense - using energy from braking to charge the vehicle's battery is as cool as my son when he was young coming up with the brilliant idea of creating energy using the trimmings of his haircut.
But requiring citizens to drive a car that will likely fail is simply evil.